Degree in Multimedia

I took multimedia studies in the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. An interdisciplinary qualification EHEA and which focused on interactive communication. More information

European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education

Subjects taken in chronological order

  • Programming: programmes and author systems I.
  • Production and treatment of computer-generated graphics I (Photoshop).
  • Production and treatment of computer-generated graphics II (3DStudioMax).
  • E-typography. The use and creation of Web typography.
  • Production and editing of digital video (Pinnacle Studio).
  • Physics of multimedia systems (SoundForge).
  • Programming: programmes and author systems II. outstanding
  • Production organisation and management I.
  • Interactive scripting.
  • Interfaces (Fireworks, Flash). outstanding
  • Audiovisual media (PremierePro).
  • Animation 2D - 3D (Flash, 3D Studio Max).
  • Web architecture. outstanding
  • English 0.1.
  • IT networks and communications.
  • Music and accoustic systems (SoundForge).
  • Production organisation and management II.
  • Aesthetics of multimedia systems (Flash).
  • Databases (SQL, MySQL, DBMS). outstanding
  • Methodology and project management.
  • The basics of photography and digital imaging (Photoshop).
  • Maths of multimedia systems.
  • Video and image processing systems.
  • Video distribution online (Adobe PremierePro y Codecs).
  • Interactive marketing.
  • Legislation and author's rights.
  • Accesibility and Web Standards (TAW, HERA, XHTML, CSS). outstanding
  • Semantic Web (DTD, RDF, RDF Schema, XML, N-Triples, SeRQL).
  • Information visualization
  • Usability outstanding
  • Content Management System outstanding
  • Creativity and Aesthetics
  • Safety and quality in web servers
  • User behavior outstanding
  • Fundamentals and evolution of multimedia
  • Languages ​​and Web Standards outstanding
  • Information Architecture (enrollment of honor)
  • Digital composition
  • Final Year Degree Project - Web application development (CMS).
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